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 About Michaela

Hey, I’m  Michaela, I’m a concert photographer based in Vancouver, Canada.


My mom inspired me to get into photography; she was always taking pictures on our family vacations, at birthday parties and any other moment that were photo worthy. I was 11 when I decided to start saving for a camera and a year later I bought my first DSLR. From that day on I’ve never wanted to anything other than photography.


Music has always been a part of my life. For as long as I could remember, music has flowed through my house. Artists like Janis Joplin and Queen filled my childhood as well as tales of my mom’s concert experiences. When I started going to concerts I noticed the photographer down in the front row and I vowed to myself that one day that was going to be me.


I specialize in capturing the moments of a concert that immortalize the feelings, and emotions the fans and artist had. I strive to show a point of view of the concert that the fan or artist might not have seen from where they were.


My style is photojournalistic. My photography shows the movement and energy in my surrounding. My photography was never meant to be posed or in a studio, static posted images aren’t my style of shooting. Majority of my photography is done on location whether it be a venue for concerts or environmental portrait.

You can usually find me snapping pictures or rocking out at all the alt and indie concerts around Vancouver! 

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